Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and conditions of the sale ?2018-04-24T13:57:42+01:00
Do you collect my personal information ?2018-04-24T13:55:17+01:00
Is the price of a product can change ?2017-09-03T18:41:03+01:00

Yes. All our items are made with genuine car parts produced in limited series . In this way, the price of the products vary depending on the supply and demand. See it that way, if a classic car goes up in value then all the components of that will do. That also mean that your table or item may appreciate in value over time and become a good investment.

Are the pistons welded to the block ?2017-07-08T09:03:58+01:00

No. The feet, the pistons, the glass, everything is engineered to be removable. Our table can be assembled and dismantled at any time if you need to move your coffee table from a place to another without difficulties.

How does the glass fix to the block ?2017-07-08T09:03:50+01:00

We use high quality clear suction cups to link the engine to the glass top. It is safer than gripper pads.

What’s the approximate lead time?2017-07-08T09:04:06+01:00

Depending on the availability and the complexity of the engine, it can take up to 12 weeks on very specific engine manufacturer or model. However, most of our table are delivered within 4 weeks.


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