F1 Exhaust Lamp


This piece features a hand-polished Inconel V6 exhaust system, a stainless steel base and stainless steel lamp holders. This one-off piece made by The Supercar Store was made for £13000. When you consider the rarity of the parts, the amount of design and work, and the fact that you will be the only person on earth to have this piece, it’s worth putting your name down for the next one as there is a very limited availability.


A rare opportunity for Formula 1 fans to mix memorabilia, design and use of a genuine race used part. This luxury floor standing lamp made from parts of a Lotus 2014 Formula 1 has been tailor-made for one of our client. The Supercar Store is a British furniture and fixtures manufacturer specialised in converting old engine parts. One of our latest creation, the Exhaust Lamp, has been designed to fit GU10 led bulbs and has an integrated push button switch to turn the lights on and off.